Botex B.V, Globally recognised import & export company that stand quality service and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers and employees.


We value our relationship with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding quality of product and efficient delivery.


We are international Trading group, our global product platform is a powerful business generator. Satisfying customer's needs is our leading concern. Therefore, Botex B.V its physical and financial expertise to support customers with a wide range of specialized market, Agriculture and Foods industry.



Botex B.V has become the leader in this sector by always providing clients with the right products at the right price and looking new opportunities to grow and improve our business. Global Importation and shipping isn't always easy. We make sure that we stay ahead of problems, allowing us to better serve our clients and grow our business. We lead the industry in our approach to problem solving and connecting our supplier with our customers.


Our Construction team helping create more efficient sustainable residential and commercial building for a green and healthier world. We provide a wide range of construction materials around the world. Our clients benefits from our extensive network and large equipment fleet.


Our customer service strategy helps you meet the specific needs of your target markets and defines how you can let your customers know that you. Our approach to your trading is a comprehensive and unparalleled support process that gives you exactly what you need to become a consistent trader.